Our Story

In today’s world, people need to be reminded that sometimes all it takes is a simple gift to brighten someone’s day. Here at Niche, we’re dedicated towards providing an exciting experience for any gift giver, gift receiver, or just looking to put a smile on someone’s face. Embracing handmade products, and contributing to the greater good through sustainable products sold by brands renowned for their excellence in design and concept.

Founded by industry expert, Louise Foster, Niche began as a new endeavour for Louise. Well known for her business acumen, Louise owned and operated two independent designer clothing stores in Melbourne, along with a cafe and an espresso bar in the inner city. Never one to shy away from a new endeavour, Louise became interested in the idea of offering a range of gift products that encompassed the ethos, re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose.

As a self-proclaimed junkie for art festivals, dining out, gallery hopping, films, food and fashion shows. Louise had seen first-hand just how many amazing businesses were out there creating and producing products that excite people looking for a high quality gift, using these three principles.

When it came to defining just what Niche would do to connect with customers, Louise wants to embrace the ideas of handmade products , sustainability, and keepsakes. By working with small businesses throughout the world (particularly Australia), both new and established, Niche promotes local creativity, while also serving a greater purpose.

What We Do

Here at Niche, we specialise gift boxes full of sustainable, handmade products from local brands. We fill our gift boxes with exciting products, artisan drinks, mens accessories, wines, organic beauty products, travel accessories and handmade chocolates. We believe that a gift doesn’t have to be something extravagant to make someone smile – it simply has to be a quality product that has some meaning behind it.

Looking to appeal to those with a creative mind, a desire for on trend products, and an interest in businesses that think outside of the box, and also take the function of that box into account, Niche serves as and innovative alternative to the flooded corporate market of standard products that offer an average experience.

Here at Niche, we’re moving beyond “average”, and embracing a whole new ideology to gift giving.

Into The Future

At Niche, we like to envision ourselves as more than just a gift shop – we`re inventing a new way of giving gifts. Keeping in line with our founder, Louise Foster, and her desire to embrace the ideas of handmade products and sustainability, we remain committed to being Melbournes only boutique promoting creativity, positivity, and gift giving and contributing to the greater good through sustainability.

When it comes to our clients, we understand their preferences. Here at Niche, our goal is to expand our collection, involve more businesses, and establish a diverse community of those interested in the hand made, sustainable markets and all that it has to offer us consumers, gift givers, and most importantly, human beings.