Bean Obsessive

$100.00 incl. GST

Smudge Publishing  Specialty Coffee Book Melbourne.

St Ali Coffee Roasters  roasted coffee beans 250g.

Niche  keyring and mini tote.

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Bean Obsessive will thrill the coffee lifestyler. The Specialty Coffee Book Melbourne is a map to the coffee madness that is Melbourne, its full of tips, places to drink, and a peek into the lives of the baristas that man the coffee machines.  It doesn't matter that you don't live in Melbourne to appreciate this coffee table book. Take a moment to sit back and thumb the pages with a great coffee from St Ali Coffee Roasters and a cool "group head" keyring as a memento.

Smudge Publishing  The Specialty Coffee Book-Melbourne explores all that's happening in Melbourne when it comes to coffee. Meet the people behind the coffee, barista`s being centre stage, giving the viewer an insight to all the different ways to have the most famous beverage in Melbourne.

St Ali Coffee Roasters  Welcome to the dark side of the roast! This coffee celebrates the rich, syrupy body achieved through the darker side of artful roasting - with an extra kick for those times you really need to stay wide awake.

Niche  Coffee Group Head Keyring with canvas tote bag.