Rooftop Honey Set

$60.00 incl. GST

Rooftop Honey  Honey-Test Tubes x 3  (150mm X 16mm Pyrex glass, labelled with origin (postcode) and resealable screw cap)  Bee Friendly Plant seed pack x 1, Postcard x 1, Printed drawstring calico tote (19cm x 12cm).

Two Little Tarts  Caramel & Sea Salt Popcorn 90g.

Candle  Sandalwood & Honey Travel Candle.

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We created the Rooftop Honey Set to support Rooftop Honeys vision.  They create hives on rooftops throughout the CBD & inner city of Melbourne, assisting in the revitalisation of the bees environment in the urban landscape.  Rooftop Honey`s sample bag includes a range of test tube honey samples from different postcodes around Melbourne, and bee friendly seeds to plant.  Two Little Tarts caramel sea salt popcorn is a great snack to sit back and watch your garden grow, enjoying the aromatic Sandalwood & Honey candle.

Rooftop Honey   A collection of honey samples from in and around Melbourne. You decide whose honey reigns supreme.

Two Little Tarts  Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn  Australian corn kernels, hand popped and delicately coated in our secret salted caramel and baked to crispy perfection.

Candle  Sandalwood & Honey Travel Candle.