Special Edition Melbourne

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Drift  Melbourne Edition 5.

St Ali Coffee Roasters  roasted coffee beans 250g.

Niche  Coffee Group Head Keyring Jewellery & mini tote bag.

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Special Edition Melbourne, Drift publisher released a coffee book on Melbournes coffee scene showcasing great photography, amazing people and interesting facts.  Wile away some time sipping an espresso and soaking up Melbournes atmosphere.  Includes a bag of beans roasted by one of Melbournes best St Ali Coffee Roasters.  When enough is never enough, a little bling for your keyring, we've included a miniature "group head" for the total geek or coolest of baristas.

Drift   Drift is a print magazine devoted to coffee culture.  Drift is about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Our collection of writers and photographers, alongside coffee shop owners, baristas, streetcart vendors, and patrons, capture a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in a city at the time the magazine is printed.

St Ali Coffee Roasters  Say hello to your new favourite coffee by renowned SACR of Melbourne.  A classic all-rounder, great as an espresso, batch brew or as your morning chino.

Keyring Jewellery & Tote   So, you like coffee, a "group head" keyring for that coffee geek or hipster in your life.  Throwing your car keys into the bowl never looked this good.