Trains and Planes

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Grown Alchemist  Travel Skincare Range-Hydra-Repair Day Cream 12ml, Lip Balm 12ml, Body Cream 30ml.

Bas Phillips  Plush Hand Towel.

Bibelot Chocolatiers  40g.

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Trains and Planes says it all, everyone`s on the move these days, holidays, honeymoons, work and travel, this gift set is about traveling light, and feeling great when you get to your destination.  Grown Alchemists brand is renowned for their holistic and scientific approach to skincare. The travel skincare range provides all the necessities for keeping you refreshed when travelling. We've included a plush hand towel by Bas Phillips for easy packing and a sumptuous treat by Bibelot Chocolatiers, a travel sized chocolate bar.   

Grown Alchemist  Grown Alchemist formulates products which represent a new evolution in skincare. Travel Hydrating Balms include, Hydra-repair Day Cream, Lip Balm and Body Cream.

Bas Phillips  The soft and plush texture ensures superior absorbency, and luxurious feel against the skin.

Bibelot Chocolatiers  Bibelot focuses on combining high quality ingredients and delicate flavours, with artisanship and attention to detail at the core of every product that makes its way into the showcase.